Ashok Leyland exhibits four advanced products at Defexpo 2016

March 28, 2016

Ashok Leyland, flagship of the Hinduja Group, second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, and the largest suppliers of logistics vehicles to the Indian Army, showcased innovative, and advanced-technology capabilities at Defexpo India.


  1. 1.First time in India, an advanced Truck Driving Simulator for the all-terrain Stallion 4x4 truck
  2. Field Artillery Tractor (FAT) 6x6 on the Super Stallion
  3. Rhino 4x4 - Contemporary Logistics Vehicle
  4. An Ambulance 4x4 for enhanced medical support


For over three decades, Ashok Leyland has been partnering with the Indian Army in its vehicle fleet modernization program. Inspired by the 'Make in India' initiative, the Company has made significant investments in in-house capability for manufacture of world-class defence products.


Speaking on the occassion, Mr. Vinod K. Dasari, Managing Director, Ashok Leyland said, "Defence Expo is an important calendar event for the industry. This year's Expo is unique as the Government has enabled local and foreign defence equipment manufacturers to collaborate and develop world-class technology for the armed forces. Ashok Leyland vehicles, specifically designed for tough operating environments, offer the latest technology, and extend our legacy of manufacturing innovative and world-class logistics equipment."


Nitin Seth, President - LCV & Defence, Ashok Leyland, observed, "We have a strong background in R&D and new technology. With significant investments in in-house capabilities, we will continue our strong partnership of serving the country and its armed forces, and our new line-up will improve performance, and enhance preparedness of our armed forces."


The Company expects to increase product lines, integrate global weapons systems on vehicle platforms, and increase its play in the rapidly growing defence sector.


A look at some of Ashok Leyland's major defence products:


Truck Driving Simulator for Stallion 4x4

The new Truck Driving Simulator for Stallion 4x4 has been built to ply on challenging terrain like snow covered roads and undulating sand dunes. Co-developed with SAAB, the simulator will reduce training costs, and provide situational training in a secure environment. It simulates all types of terrain, and weather conditions in India on a full scale replica of the driver's compartment. A self-learning package renders a detailed review of individual training sessions to improve driving proficiency. Multiple simulators can be integrated for group movement training like moving in a convoy.


A Field Artillery Tractor (FAT) 6x6

A Field Artillery Tractor (FAT) 6x6 on Super Stallion platform will function as a Common Gun Tower for all artillery guns. This versatile FAT provides the Army unprecedented flexibility in rapid deployment, and utilization of artillery resources. Ashok Leyland recently won orders of over 450 vehicles on Super Stallion platform from the Indian Army.


Rhino 4x4

The Rhino 4x4 is a contemporary logistics vehicle offering greater crew comfort and easy drivability. It comes with Automatic Transmission, a higher power to weight ratio and grade ability, increased payload, ground clearance and step climbing capability, ABS, CTIS, reduced turning circle diameter, provision for HVAC, and many more exciting features.


The Ambulance 4x4

The air-conditioned Ambulance 4x4, will provide enhanced medical support in the immediate hours of sustaining injuries. A double walled insulated body maintains inside temperature, while rear air suspension reduces shocks during transportation. All equipment meet Advanced Life Support standards. Ashok Leyland recently won an Indian Army order for 825 nos in 4x4 & 4x2 configurations.